Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Back to blogging.

As I struggle to find time to make videos these days, I thought I would get back into blogging as it's a lot easier and I've actually missed doing it. Also Rachel said that she's missed my blogging so I took that as a little request to return.

So, since my last blog post you could say quite a lot has happened. Firstly, back in November Jerry got down on that knee of his and proposed! I won't go into too much detail about it here, as I've written about it all on our YTWedding blog. So plans for our 2015 wedding are well on the way. 

Then we had Christmas, which was pretty simple last year. Most of the family were away on festive vacations, so we decided to simply stay at home together with our new tree, eat food and watch many films. I bought Jerry tickets to see The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain at the Theatre Royal in January. He's sadly always missed them in the past, so I wasn't going to miss out on this awesome gift. And what a great evening it was too.

In January I found out that I got on the Fresh Meat roller derby course with the Bath team, which if I'm honest I actually forgot about. I was convinced that I was too late and the whole being on the waiting list would mean I never had a chance. So far it's going brilliantly and I'm loving every minute. More posts to come on that I'm sure. 

Since I've joined Fresh Meat, Jerry has become keen to also join but as a referee. You can follow his journey at

And finally, because I thought I'd throw it in there, Valentines Day. A lazy day off work with little gifts and handmade cards. We spent the morning cleaning (chores have to be done) and then had our good friends Dawn and John round for food, tea and board games.

Heres to more blog posts in the future!


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