Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Photos, bees and laptop sleeves.

Paperchase had a sale again, which meant it was time for a visit! I love that shop and there is always lots of things I want to buy simply because they are pretty.

I recently got my laptop upgraded at work, good times! Annoyingly due to the increase in size the current sleeve I had wouldn't fit, I didn't want to use a chunky bag and they had forgotten to order new sleeves. Luckily this sweet bird sleeve was on sale for £4.50 (Originally £15).

In Jerry's previous home he had a photo wall, since the move the photos have been in a pile in a little basket. I've been looking for some albums that were small in size, simple design and would hold lots of prints. These 4 albums were tucked just under one of the display tables, just the 4 of them, each having space for 200 prints. At £4.50 (Originally £9) each, I thought I may as well buy all of them. I think he's managed to fill about two of them already, but there are a lot of photos I hope to get printed at some point.

Now the magnets were a random buy, mainly because I felt we needed more for the fridge/freezer. Got these for £3.80, unsure of the original price as I've now recycled the packaging but I did get 10% off as one of the magnets was a little damaged :)

The Bee push pins were also a little bit of a random buy, but I already have some ladybird ones and a pin board that I hope to put up real soon. Got these for £1.40 (Originally £2.00).

In my last post I mentioned I got a great deal on a pair of bedside tables. I wasn't sure what to do with the previous tables I had, until I stacked them and thought hang on a minute. I've been meaning to clear some space/buy some extra storage for Jerry's book, with this little set up being able to accommodate the DVD collection, I finally had that space for the books. The bit in the middle was perfect for his DVD files too! 

Bring on payday for more great buys :) Also need to sell some more bits on eBay, time to get strict with myself and get rid of the stuff I don't need/use!

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