Thursday, 13 June 2013

Work, events, adventures, health and fun!

It's been 22 days since I last posted, apologies for that. Let's just say the last few week have been pretty packed and blogging kind of slipped to the back of my mind.


Work has consisted of teaching lots of people how to use Google hangouts, whilst actually trying to figure out how it works myself! Once you've gone through the slightly complicated task of connecting your G+ page to your YouTube account, it's actually pretty fun to do a live broadcast.
I've also spent a lot of time training and revising for an exam to become YouTube certified in Audience Growth. Did you pass? I hear you say. Yes, yes I did and oh my goodness it wasn't easy! That trip to London consisted of a great view from my hotel room, nicest guy ever in a chinese restaurant (Mr Wu's), first ever experience of room service and a slight addiction to the Apple yoyo snacks at YouTube.

Events and adventures

Bath YouTube gathering was on the 1st June, along with the IF YouTube gathering in London on the 8th. Both of which I got sun burnt somewhere on my body. 
The Bath Gathering was a lovely chilled day spent at the royal crescent, many ice lollies were consumed and the burger in the evening at GBK was pretty yummy.
The IF YouTube gathering was a fantastic day spent in Hyde Park with about 14,000 other members of the public. It was great to see so many people come together to help promote the fact that world hunger should not be tolerated and that there is enough food for everyone.

I managed to grab tickets to a Michael McIntyre show here in Bath for Jerry and I. 
It was a great gig, it was nice to know that the ticket money was going to charity and I was happy to hear the names joke live :)     

photo 1

Some evenings were spent playing Monopoly City (haven't played that version before) and making sushi from scratch which was a lot of fun!

Health and fitness

Fitness yoga is going well, had to miss out the second week due to being in London, but I've been twice since then. It's hard work but so relaxing at the same time, gives me time to forget about everything and just worry about the slightly painful stretch happening in my leg. 
Been buying lots more fruit from the market stall next to Marks & Spenser lately too. Treating myself to bowls of freshly cut fruit, get that healthy feel good feeling after one of those, specially after eating a McDonalds ha! The 5 bean chilli has been made a couple of more times since too, great filler that one. Also, brand new fridge/freezer! Need to get some ice lolly moulds so I can attempt some smoothie lollies nom!


My aim for the next month or so is to get back into vlogging! No more excuses, quality isn't a major importance for me, also there are lots of events coming up soon of which I want to document through the power of video as well as Instagram images. 
Think I'll start off with a random 'I'm still here' vlog on my main channel, followed by actually making content for SweetSensations. Just need to get back into the pattern, make it part of my routine like it used to be. The whole having a full time job excuse doesn't really work anymore sadly ha!

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