Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Summer sale purchases

It seems this up and down weather in the UK is proving to be great for sale shopping. I don't know if it's just me, but there seems to be a new sale on every other week in most stores at the moment. Is it weather? Is it people not spending on the high street? Who knows. 

The lovely bird earrings are from New Look instore (Was £3, now £1.50).

My previous watch had stopped, instead of getting the battery replaced I thought it was time to purchase a new one. My issue is that I have rather tiny rists and I was also finding it hard to find something on the high street that was simple to wear with anything. I headed over to eBay and had a good look, I came across this seller who was selling exactly what I wanted. Perfect mid brown leather strap with a stylish looking face, and what's better is it only cost £5.99 with £1 p+p.  

I've been looking for a new swimming costume for a while (not that I'm actually planning to go swimming anytime soon). Whilst the Debenhams 20% sale was on, I came across this figure flattering seagull printed swimsuit. It's strapless but comes with a strap for extra support if wanted. Was £22 but reduced to £17.60. 

In my opinion the most comfortable flip flops on the market are the Swish brand from Animal. Unlike most, these have a cushioned part that sits between your large and 2nd toe, leading to no blisters in my experience! I obviously chose the right day to go into the Bath store as these were half price at £7. 

The little H&M bow shoes were picked up in the sale for £7, reduced from £9.99. when it comes to shoes for me, if they are different, they fit and are cheap then I buy them!

Finally a dress that I actually bought for full price! (I know, unusual for me). I had seen this Pins and Needles Poppy Cross back dress in Urban Outfitters before, but this time I tried it on and liked it too much. The card came out of my purse and £55 was taken from it. It's a lovely cut, it looks great even without a waist belt and to be honest I thought it was cute. 

Not really an item I can wear, but I was happy when I managed to find these IKEA Malm bed side tables for £20 on Gumtree (£35 each brand new). I did give the guy an extra £5 as he kindly delivered them to our flat. 

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