Saturday, 20 July 2013

Summertime is here again.

Work is busy as usual, was happy to see Creative Bloq's channel doing pretty well (one of the little editing projects I took on). Along with PapercraftTV, still working on the rest of the videos but I'm happy with how the first two have turned out. Also had some FCPX training, it all makes a lot more sense now, once you get an understanding for the magnetic timeline you can do all sorts. 
Jerry is currently on an internship with the Digital Camera team, helping test lenses and review cameras/products. It's so nice to see his passion back again!

Last month I attended a Summer party at the YouTube creator space and got to take Jerry with me. Off to Vidcon in a couple of weeks and then flying over to San Francisco to visit our offices there. Am hoping to make my way into the centre of San Francisco some how, really really want to go on a tram ha!

Believe it or not, I actually managed to pull myself together, pour out a glass of Rosé and record a video for my channel. I know, shock horror! After watching some of my older videos back, I realised I wanted to be more me, none of this acting up to the camera lark, just me talking to my audience just like I would to a friend (with wine :P).

I know I said it in the video, but I'm looking forward to Summer in the City a lot. Not there with work this year, but both Jerry and I are volunteering to help where ever needed. To be honest it's a good thing, not like we will have a lot of people queuing to meet us and most of our friends will probably be busy with that situation themselves haha! May as well be useful :)

Haven't done Fitness Yoga for the last couple of weeks, mainly due to being away, tired or not having the money for both that and skating. But, I have become a lot healthier food wise, purchased a lot of salad and fruit from the stall by M&S recently.

Events and things
Finally got the BT router upgraded, cost us £35 but I think it was defiantly worth it as we haven't had any dropouts yet. If you're currently stuck on the Home Hub 2 then I recommend the 4!
Nan and I were meant to head to Bristol for a massage for us both, of which I bought as a deal on Groupon. Sadly it was cancelled that same morning, but we still went to Bristol anyway. I also introduced her to Falafel in St Nicks market, she approved :)

photo 2

Our friend Holly is currently in Bath on an internship at my workplace at the moment, which means lots of opportunities for evenings and days out :) Also my friend Chris was in Bristol doing a BBC course, I popped over to catch up and have some Instagram fun!

Busy busy busy, but in a good way. Still keeping my promise to myself to go on adventures and relax as much as possible when I can. So far things are good, tad stressful here and there but good :)

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