Monday, 20 May 2013

On the road to a bigger smile

So the post before last was a positive one, I spoke about the extra activities I talked myself into and since then I've been doing a lot more!

Health & Fitness

Firstly, I thought I might tackle the whole mood thing with some herbal remedies. A friend suggested St Johns Wort to me, but once I reached Holland and Barrett I soon discovered I couldn't take it due to the contraceptive pill. Thank goodness for their knowledge! Anyway, I was recommended 5-HTP for mood and anxiety, along with B-100 for tiredness. For a couple of days I took them, I think they were working but I wasn't too sure, so I decided to go off of them for a couple of days to see if that made a different. I didn't really notice much change, but maybe that's me being a little impatient, or it could be that the B-100 is so large I worry I might choke every morning! I haven't taken them for the last 4 days or so, but think I'll try again. If nothing by the end of the bottles then I might not bother again.

Why is there a random PSY mask I hear you say, well this was a present from my friend after her visit to South Korea. It's a face mask and reminded me how much I use to use these things when I was younger. Loved having fruity weird stuff on my face and then peeling it off after.
Last week a guy at work mentioned about doing some Fitness Yoga at a gym near by. Not such a bad idea, Fitness Yoga on Tuesdays and Skating on Thursdays, sounds like a great fitness routine to me! So tomorrow I'm going to attend my first class and see how it goes.  


Still remains to be the cutest hamster ever and is becoming more smarter week-by-week. The hamster run is proving to be pretty pointless as he's figured out how to climb out of that now, but he can now climb up his slide with little effort. I did mange to capture this lovely shot of him whilst he was investigating the sofa.


Last Saturday Jerry and I took the train to Cardiff to meet up with a couple of his friends. We enjoyed some lovely food and tea in this quirky little place called Bill's Cafe Bar & Restaurant. The rest of the day was spent playing board games and entertaining the beautiful Ivy

One of many great things about that trip was Rachel's amazing 5 Bean Chilli, which I had a go at last night and succeeded! I have no idea why I haven't made it before, was amazing. She also made Bread and Butter pudding of which I've not been a fan of in previous years, think that was due to a bad cookery lesson at school... but I'm fully converted now. 

Other fun events including having some friends round for a Eurovision party. Honestly I think we spent more time discussing the nibbles we had rather than the actual show. My batches of chocolate orange and banana fairy cakes (2 separate flavours) went down well though.

Work life

I love the fact that in my role everyday is different, I know I'd only complain if everyday had the same boring routine. I'm learning to control my work load a lot better now, mainly through writing out lists on post-it notes. I have a white board behind me now, always fun to rub tasks out. Seriously need to start snacking on healthier foods though... oh and drink more water instead of 10 cups of tea a day!
Got an exam coming up in London next week, bit nervous and it's weird going back to revision again after all these years but I'm sure I'll be fine. 

Overall a good couple of weeks, need to keep this up!

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  1. I've been considering some B Vitamins recently - can't do you any harm as they are water-soluble - so you just wee them out if there's too much! I like the way you are working things out for yourself - well done!