Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Preparing for the heatwave

Even though the weather still can't make it's mind up, that doesn't stop me from picking up lot's of pretty dresses (And a necklace). 

Starting from the top left we have a lovely Neon striped skater dress from H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams (£28.50 with 25% off). Top right is a Primark red ditsy floral dress (£5). Bottom left is a bargain from eBay, Vintage cream lace dress by Pearl Lowe for Peacocks (£15.00+£3.00p+p). And finally a lovely diamond and pearl necklace by Vicenza at Debenhams (Was £18, now £9) - Think this one will go well with the lace dress.

Another favourite of mine at the moment is a perfume, which is odd as I don't usually like any of them. Whilst walking to work one more a lady was handing out these samples outside Jolly's. After a small spray I thought this is actually quite nice, surprising myself with that comment. Since then I'm managed to get my hands on two more 1.5ml testers, but at some point I'm actually going to have to cough up the £37 or so for the 30ml bottle.

1 comment:

  1. Think the stripy one would look super cute in photos. We should do another photoshoot and get you on the pages of DCam! Do you still have the gold sparkly dress? Still dying to shoot that!