Monday, 6 May 2013

Many fun things make a happy mind

So since my last post I've looked at some of the websites that were suggested to me by the doctor. Honestly, I found myself not getting along with them so well. I looked into the help that work offered, printed off the information and the phone number, I never called. I think I feel determined to do this myself for some weird reason, I'm looking at this as a challenge to make myself feel better using my own path. I could be wrong in thinking like this but I'll admit I have become happier over the last couple of weeks. Yes some may say it's the weather but I would disagree, I've just spent a little more time on myself and I'm working on the areas that need to be improved.

Most days when returning home from work, I'm now just chilling out on the sofa and not panicking too much about what needs to be done. I'll still do a spot of washing up, cooking and laundry if needed, but thinking of it all in a more positive light. 

Addition to the family
Jerry and I have become loving parents to Doc. Yes I know, he's just a hamster but I'm not having a kid yet! He's a playful little guy and is currently the tender age of 7 and half weeks. It's lovely spending time in the evenings playing, having him run around and explore. 

I've started doing more activities in the time I have, mainly as I've noticed I don't worry so much when I'm distracted. Probably sounds very obvious, but it get's me out of routine and too much routine makes me worry if something doesn't get done. 

A friend of mine invited me to hers after work for a spot of nail painting and some yummy pizza. That evening made me realise I need to do more things like this, it's nice to have a friendly chat and get creative. 

Organising evenings for myself have consisted of getting creative once again and starting on my new scrapbook, which I admit I haven't actually touched again since I started over a week ago...
If I've had a really busy day, Jerry is on a late shift and I really cannot be bothered to cook, I order some take out and chill out watching TV.

Last week I only realised on the Tuesday that it was going to be a Bank Holiday weekend, so I randomly booked the Friday off and met up with a couple of friends in Bristol. A little retail therapy and chilling in the park was just what I needed. 
Then last night (Sunday) Jerry and I got invited to skate through the new Two Tunnels in Bath. It was hard work but very fun. 

Since doing all of the above I've found that my mood swings haven't been as regular. I've also found myself stopping, taking a deep breathe and telling myself that I need to calm down and assess the situation if feeling really stressed. It's still a working progress of course, but one step at a time and hopefully I'll start feeling a little bit more me again soon. 

I've got an exciting summer ahead of me, Vidcon in LA, SitC in London (also Jerry's birthday) and a lovely friends wedding to attend in Sweden. With that a the lovely weather we have at the moment, I haven't a clue why I'm complaining!

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